The Weaver's Hut

When 19-year-old political science major Bono Fatima learned about the social and economic challenges faced by traditional weavers in her native India she wanted to help change their lives for the better. She founded Weaver’s Hut, an organization with the goal of empowering the weavers in villages of Uttar Pradesh.

Weaver’s Hut helps the current generation of weavers by finding them new markets outside of their geographic area. Fatima removes the middlemen who would traditionally pay low prices for the handwoven textiles and then sell them for a profit in urban areas like Delhi or Mumbai. Weaver’s Hut also emphasizes education both for the weavers and for their children as a means to end the cycle of poverty.

Recently, Fatima’s important work was recognized and she was awarded the HP LIFE Entrepreneurship Award. As part of the award, Fatima received training to help her with marketing and accounting, both vitally important skills if she is to continue her work. So raise your shuttles to Bono Fatima, a definite hero of handweaving.  

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