The Travel Shawl Kit

Sometimes when I look at handwoven items, I am impressed by their beauty. Other times, I’m impressed by their cleverness. In the case of the Travel Shawl by Deborah Jarchow, I’m impressed by both. There is the beauty of the yarns, but there is also the clever way that Deborah used a gradient yarn and constructed the shawl to create a gradual transition of the colors from one side to the middle, with the same transition back to the opposite side. With the Travel Shawl Kit designed for the rigid-heddle loom, you will learn a new technique while weaving something beautiful and functional.

Deborah and I both travel a lot, and we both know that airplanes and airports can be chilly. The Travel Shawl is lightweight and compact enough to drop into your carry -on but sturdy and cozy enough to keep you warm. Compact is a better description than small for the Travel Shawl, because it is 26″ x 78″, making it large enough to wrap around your shoulders with some to spare on a cold flight. If you are like me and you invariably pack exactly the wrong clothes for your trips, the Travel Shawl can move right into evening shawl mode or even serve as a wrap for the beach without skipping a beat.

Travel Shawl Kit

A shawl light enough to take to the beach but large enough to ward off the chill. Photo: George Boe

The Travel Shawl warp is a Trendsetter gradient yarn with 12 colors that range from light green to deep aqua. The weft is a mohair/silk blend, also from Trendsetter, that pulls the warp together and adds stability to the fairly loose sett. With the Travel Shawl Kit, you will receive both warp and weft and two copies of the May/June 2018 issue of Handwoven, one a print version and the other a digital version.

Clever and beautiful is a standard I look for in weaving. Weave the Travel Shawl, and I think you’ll agree that it is a great combination.

Weave well,

Featured Image: Travel Shawl by Deborah Jarchow, Handwoven May/June 2018 Photo: George Boe

Weave the Travel Shawl and treat yourself to a subscription to Handwoven!

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    Now I really, really want to learn weaving.

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