The Sustainable Cotton Project

The Sustainable Cotton Project (SCP) was founded in 1996 to work towards greater production and promotion of sustainably grown domestic cotton. Since that time they’ve worked with many farmers to reduce the toxic chemicals used on California cotton crops as herbicides and pesticides.


Rather than rely entirely on chemical pesticides, these farmers use  companion planting to protect their crops. Just as some home gardeners may plant marigolds among tomatoes, SCP cotton farmers grow different plants to both attract pest-eating beneficial insects and to entice the pests to focus their attentions elsewhere. Also,  SCP farmers don’t use genetically modified (GM) cottons designed to repel insects, which in turn reduces the development of resistant “super insects,” something that recently happened with GM corn crops. Through these methods, the SCP reduced the amount of chemicals used in the California cotton industry by around two thousand pounds in 2007 alone.

So raise your shuttles to the SCP, an organization dedicated to raising cotton as friendly for the environment as it is for the loom.

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