The Outer Limits of Tapestry

Golden Glyphs by Hung Liu

For over a decade, the Magnolia Editions fine art studio has been using Jacquard looms to create stunning tapestry works based on the work of contemporary artists as part of their Magnolia Tapestry Project. From photographs to paintings, these tapestries replicate the original works in stunning detail.

The project is the brainchild of artist John Nava and the co-director of Magnolia Editions, Donald Farnsworth. In 1999 Nava was commissioned to decorate the walls inside the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. When his initial idea of bas-reliefs was vetoed by the engineers, he enlisted the help of Farnsworth and even though they had no weaving experience, the two decided to create tapestries for the cathedral's walls.

The two travelled, researched, and used their extensive knowledge of color theory to plan out their project. (Nava is a painter and Farnsworth is an expert on digitizing images for printmaking.) They discovered a Belgian mill where weavers were taking Jacquard technology to new levels, and there the original tapestries were woven. Since that time the Magnolia Tapestry Project has worked with numerous renowned contemporary artists to push the boundaries of what warp and weft are capable of reproducing. The tapestry shown above, Golden Glyphs by Hung Liu, is just one example of the many fabulous tapestries created from this project. 

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