The Luxury of Fiber

  Sara Lamb spun the yak/silk blend for this luxurious shawl, which she sett closely and wove warp-faced for amazing drape. Photo by Joe Coca.

imageplaceholder Anne Merrow
Editor, Spin-Off

The Winter 2016 issue of Spin-Off is all about luxury–luxury of time and space, tools, and of course materials. If you’re reading this, chances are that sitting down to spin and weave is a luxury for you.
While there are plenty of professional workers out there, most of us spin and weave for the simple love of spinning and weaving. It is an indulgence to sit at the wheel or loom when there is laundry to be done or weeds to be pulled.

Compared with other indulgent hobbies (think yachting!), spinning and weaving are pretty restrained. Still, there are cashmere and silk and handmade spinning and weaving tools . . . or even the humblest of materials combined with the greatest luxury of all: time.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to feel that we deserve such bounty. Opening my bin of precious fibers and pawing through the little bags of yak, bison, and qiviut, I generally retreat to the comforts of very nice but not too precious wool.

But everyone needs a little luxury. It doesn’t have to mean a big expense, but it means using “the good stuff” instead of saving it for some unnamed future. It means taking time to spin or weave and letting the dishes wait. It means using the best materials you can afford and find–just a little bit (and then maybe a little bit more).
You’re worth it.


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