The Hubbell Trading Post

Dine Weavers
Weavers at the Hubble Trading
Post demonstrating for visitors
Hubbell Rug Room
The Rug Room at the Hubbell
Trading Post.

If you have an interest in traditional Diné (Navajo) handweaving and other crafts, we here at BeWeave It headquarters would like to suggest an excursion to the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Ganado, Arizona. Purchased and named for John Lorenzo Hubbell in 1878, the trading post is the longest continuously-operated trading post in the American Southwest.

For generations the Hubbell family traded with the local Diné population and others in the area. Over time, the post became known for handwoven rugs and blankets, handwoven baskets, and silver items. Visitors to the post today can tour the Rug Room, which true to its name is filled with beautiful handwoven rugs including many Ganado Reds. The post also sometimes features onsite weavers who demonstrate traditional techniques for visitors. The former home of the Hubbell family, which is filled with Diné art and memorabilia collected over the years, is also part of the National Park site.

Now, if you’re looking to add to your collection of weavings or other Southwestern art, The Friends of Hubbell Trading Post and the National Park Service hold two Native American Art auctions each year featuring contemporary and even some antique pieces of art from a variety of tribes. More information on the history of the Hubbell Trading Post, upcoming events at the National Historic Site, and other information can be found on the National Park Service's website here.



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