The Glamp Shawl: Is It a Blanket Scarf?

I’ve been traveling a lot this fall, and the fashion trend I’ve noticed in airports and around town on brisk days is the blanket scarf. Recently, I even stalked a woman wearing one at Denver International Airport. It was store-bought, and I had no idea whether she was a weaver or a knitter, so I couldn’t employ the “weaver’s handshake” and touch it, but we did exchange a few words about it, and I took a mental snapshot for future inspiration. To me, the Glamp Shawl woven on a rigid-heddle loom by Deb Essen and featured in Little Looms 2018 can also be considered a blanket scarf—not so big that you can’t wrap it around your neck but plenty big enough to provide warmth when you want it. Based on the shawl’s popularity, we put together the Glamp Shawl Kit, which contains all of the yarn and beads needed to weave and finish the shawl, as well as copies of Little Looms 2018 in digital and print.

blanket scarf

The Glamp Shawl goes from scarf to shawl and even to “small blanket” without a hitch. Credit: George Boe

I believe the versatility of blanket scarves is what drives their popularity—they go from scarf to shawl and back without a hitch. When I travel, they are my go-to accessory. When it’s chilly on the plane or in the airport, I unwrap the scarf from my neck and use it around my shoulders to keep warm. If the weather is more than a little chilly, a long-enough blanket scarf works like a small blanket. The Glamp Shawl is more versatile than most blanket scarves because it can also go from casual to dress-up, from daytime wear to nighttime wear. The color-and-weave design makes it look like something other than the sturdy plain weave that it is, while the superwash merino and sett create a drapey, warm shawl. Deb added a hint of bling—with the silver-colored beads on the fringe —but not so much that the shawl isn’t comfortable to wear.

blanket scarf

A little bling on the fringe lets the shawl move seamlessly from day to night wear. Photo credit: George Boe

Have someone on your gift list for whom it’s hard to buy? Consider purchasing the Glamp Shawl Kit and weaving the shawl for them. Warm, cozy, versatile, and a little blingy—what’s not to love.

Weave well and stay warm,

Featured Image: The Glamp Shawl works in many ways, including as a cozy scarf. Photo credit: George Boe

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