The Culture of a Weaving Magazine

For this week's BeWeave It our college intern Lauren wanted to write about her experiences at Interweave. Here's what she has to say about the past month helping us out at Handwoven, Weaving Today, and BeWeave It Headquarters.

From an outsider’s perspective, the world of weaving can look intimidating and strange. Some believe that weaving is old-school, done by people who listen to music on Victrolas. Interestingly enough, the weaving community has equal parts individuals who are tech-savvy, tech-wary, and tech-neutral (aka, the casual user). There is no specific factor that really makes a weaver. A weaver is anyone who enjoys the art and activity of weaving. The same is true for the individuals who work at a weaving magazine.

Interweave is a wonderful hodge-podge of people: silly and serious, artistic and analytical, experienced in weaving and just entering the community for the first time. Work parties are filled with crazy but wonderful ideas, people knitting and spinning at all times, and just pure hilarity (like putting me on a Segway). Even the office has a completely different feel than any other office I have ever been in. Yes, there are cubicles. Yes, there is a break room. Yes, there is fluorescent lighting. But there are also sheep masks, mannequin parts, artwork, contraptions for spinning that I could never identify, and amazing individuals. As can be expected from any type of creative field, there are some characters at Interweave. That’s what makes Interweave such a great place to work at. There is always someone with a funny story or brilliant (if abnormal) idea. There is always change, and deadlines actually lead to creative responses. Interweave is brimming with life and excitement. 

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