“The Blues” Turned Taquete Towels

These gorgeous turned taquete towels allow you to warp once and weave a variety of coordinating handwoven towels by changing your weft colors.

This was a very fun project!  I enjoyed the simplicity of the weave structure but the complex color games it played!  I loved trying different wefts on the same warp.  Each towel is unique and beautiful!  The texture feels really great, too.  It feels sturdy.

This weave structure is called “turned taquete” and it reminds me of a summer and winter weave, except it only uses one shuttle at a time.  It’s like summer and winter because the back of the fabric is opposite of the front.  Just a note, the 4-shaft and 8-shaft patterns produce the exact same weave structure.

My weaving friend did the same project and her turned taquete towels are so different from mine, but just as beautiful!  This is a NO FAIL project!!!  No matter what you do, it will be pretty!  And it’s an easy project, perfect for beginners!

Vary Your Weft for a Variety of Turned Taquete Towels

Blue weft:

Turned taquete towels which allow you to create a variety of coordinating handwoven towels.


Purple weft:

It's amazing how easily you can completely change the look of turned taquete towels by just changing your weft colors.


Green weft:

Changing the weft color from blue to green in these turned taquete towels creates handwoven towels that coordinate without matching exactly.


green, blue, and purple weft:

Using a variety of weft colors when weaving turned taquete towels allows you to create a varied, but coordinating, set of handwoven towels.


8-shaft pattern:

Draft for weaving turned taquete towels on an 8-shaft loom


4-shaft pattern:

Draft for weaving turned taquete towels on a 4-shaft loom

I used 12/2 cotton at a tabby sett of 24 epi.  I warped 6 yards and wove 6 towels.


One of the delights of weaving towels is the ability to vary your design while keeping one unified warp for the whole set. Turned taquete towels like this set are so much fun if you vary the warp colors for each towel.

I hope you get a chance to weave this someday!  Enjoy!

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