Textiles Up Close

The Textile Society of America is sponsoring a new program of study-workshops that give participants a backstage look at some of the best textile collections in America.


Each Textiles Up Close session will feature a themed tour of either a museum or private collection, led by an expert in the field. Participants will not only get to see items on display, but also those in collections areas, and in some cases get to study them up close in conservation labs or study rooms.


The first program is scheduled for May 16 and will feature the Indonesian textile collection at Yale University. Led by Dr. Ruth Barnes, it will start in the Yale University Art Gallery and later move to the gallery's off-site collections where the group will study textiles from Palembang, Java, Borneo, and Selawesi. The day will finish with a private reception. 


The tour is limited to twelve people and registration ends April 16, so if you're interested, it's best to sign up now. More information on the Yale Textiles Up Close event, as well as on the Textiles Up Close series, can be found here on the Textile Society of America's website. 

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