Get in the Game with the Team Colors Weave-along!

Sports fans and fans of sports fans, unite! Join the rigid-heddle Team Colors Weave-along, and with our guidance, you can learn tips and tricks for weaving a scarf on your rigid-heddle loom that will make any fan happy. Weave with us and you’ll have a great scarf to give to your favorite fan for the holidays, even if that favorite fan happens to be you.

Not a sports fan? Maybe you’re a Prince fan. Pick purples! Want to support a breast-cancer patient? Go with pinks. Gryffindor Quidditch fan? Choose scarlets and golds. It’s weavers’ choice.

We asked Elisabeth Hill, a weaver/designer extraordinaire, to design and weave 2 scarves for us, using beautiful wool yarns from Halcyon Yarn and Jagger Spun. In Elisabeth’s usual enthusiastic fashion, she decided to weave 4 scarves—a pair of patterns for home games and a pair for away games. As part of the weave-along, those 4 patterns will be available as free downloads.

Important dates and facts:

November 1: Two winners of the Team Colors Weave-along contest will be announced. Time to order yarn if you haven’t already!

November 7: Elisabeth will talk about her inspiration and her approach to designing the scarves.

November 14: Official start to the weave-along, with warping tips and tricks, and how to get started weaving. Free patterns will be available for download. Download all 4 or just the one you want to weave.

November 21 and 28: We will continue to help you weave your scarf with tips on getting good selvedges, adding new weft, and keeping track of your work—all that good stuff.

December 5: Time to finish up! Techniques for taking a scarf off the loom, how to finish the ends, and how to wet-finish it.

December 12: Wrap it up with a big ole bow! I’ll wrap up with some final thoughts and welcome your feedback.

You can jump in and out of the weave-along anytime and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Post pictures and let us know if you have questions or just want to show off your beautiful scarf!

What you need and how to start:

To weave along with us, you need a few tools: a rigid-heddle loom with an 8-dent heddle, a sley hook, and a couple of shuttles. Don’t have a rigid-heddle loom but want to join us on your floor loom? Buy an additional skein of the main color, and you will have sufficient yardage for the extra loom waste.

To get started, pick the scarf you want to weave based on the pictures and then buy the yardages listed below in your own colorway.

Need help determining team colors? Check out this Halcyon page,, or any of the many sports-team websites, which show official team colors.

Nuggets’ home: (Shown in Victorian 2-ply, Halcyon Yarns; navy, yellow, white, and red)

Main color: 427 yd
Secondary color: 79 yd
Tertiary color: 40 yd
Accent: 6 yd

Nuggets’ away: (Shown in Victorian 2-ply, Halcyon Yarns; white, red, yellow, and navy)

Main color: 359 yd
Secondary color: 98 yd
Tertiary color: 49 yd
Accent: 38 yd

Patriots’ home: (Shown in 4/6 Mousam Falls, Jagger Spun; Admiral, Cardinal, and Flint)

Main color: 433 yd
Secondary color: 79 yd
Tertiary color: 46 yd

Patriots’ away: (Shown in 4/6 Mousam Falls, Jagger Spun; Flint, Admiral, and Cardinal)

Main color: 391 yd
Secondary color: 127 yd
Tertiary color: 35 yd

Have some fun while learning how to weave. Weave a Team Colors Scarf, and show your love and support for the team or fan in your life!

Weave well,

Featured Image: Team Colors Scarves from left to right: Patriots Away, Nuggets Away, Nuggets Home. They are all beautiful and you can weave any of them! Photo credit: George Boe


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