The Fantastic Stories in Tapestry Weaving

So many yarn crafts tell fantastic stories. From how we learned the craft to where we sourced materials to what pattern we’ve chosen, there’s always a history. We use yarn to create art that is fun and functional, beautiful and meaningful, and bold and bright in a world that often isn’t. We make our stories and then share them with those around us.

While much of what we make is worn, yarn-related décor is making a comeback. I remember a tapestry depicting a fantastic sunset scene at a relative’s house when I was a kid, a holdover from the seventies when orange and brown were all the rage. Today, there are woven wall hangings all over Pinterest, but they use more cheerful and bright colors!

This Little Looms Tapestry Loom kit includes the loom and creativity sparking–inspiration you need to get weaving your own wall hangings. With a Bird’s Eye Maple Hand Loom Kit, a hard copy of Little Looms magazine, and the eBook DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow, you will quickly learn the fundamentals of tapestry weaving and numerous ways to put your individualized spin on your projects. There are also patterns in the eBook for other home décor items like pillows, rugs, and a stylish bag to boot!

If you’re new to tapestry weaving, this kit is a great way to stay in the yarn world while learning and using different skills. We often have our particular crafts of choice, but exposure to new crafts uses additional mental and physical muscles and saves us from burnout! Get your kit today and start weaving up a colorful and bold storm!

Happy (tapestry) weaving,

Create your own fantastic story of tapestry weaving!