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imageplaceholder Pattie Graver
Contributor, Weaving Today

Hi Weavers,
When I first learned to weave and for years after my initial classes, I always felt that I was missing information that I believed some weavers had from birth. Truly, I thought there might be a weaving gene that was missing from my DNA. It could be frustrating at times because I’ve always valued the trait of “knowing when you don’t know” and in my earlier weaving days, I couldn’t figure out the right questions that would help develop my weaving skills.

Things changed for me when I first attended Madelyn van der Hoogt’s Weaver's School. There, I learned to execute (weave; not kill!) structures beyond twill. (Although, I will always love a great twill.) Soon after, I found myself working at Handwoven magazine, and my understanding of weave structures began to expand.

In an effort to help other weavers, I wrote Next Steps In Weaving with the purpose of sharing my understanding and helping you get to the next level. It is intended for experienced beginning weavers who find themselves a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the weaving universe and need a focused way to broaden their weaving knowledge. With chapters on twill, color and weave, overshot, summer and winter, and lace, it will help you organize your learning journey. 

Drawing on my experience at Handwoven, I’ve tried to answer some of the questions I faced from other weavers. For example, what does it mean to weave to square? What are the bricks and columns of summer and winter? How is huck lace based on plain weave, and what is meant by plain weave with floats?

By reading the chapters and weaving the projects, it is my hope that you will be able to grow your weaving expertise and go on to find your own weaving focus.

Stay warped!


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