Take it Easy Scarf

As much as I enjoy weaving snowflake twill, deflected doubleweave, and overshot scarves, there’s something pure and blissful about weaving a scarf in 4-shaft twill. The treadling is (usually) fairly simple, the sort of repeat you can memorize almost immediately. Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy scarf from Loom Theory: Four-Shaft Scarf Collection is the perfect example of an easy-to-weave, but far from simple-looking, scarf. Most of the work is done in the warping so you can sit down, relax, and get lost in the moment. Here’s what Pattie had to say about her design:

Take It Easy scarf

Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy scarf.

Designer Pattie Graver’s Statement

THERE ARE PROBABLY TIMES in your weaving life when you want to weave a scarf that is quick and easy. Maybe you need a simple gift or an addition to your personal wardrobe, or maybe you need to accumulate items for sale or experiment with a new yarn, or maybe you just need to escape reality at your loom. If so, this uncomplicated side-by-side twill can be your best friend. With this project, you can expect relaxing and trouble-free weaving, allowing you the opportunity to finesse skills such as throwing the shuttle, getting an even beat, and weaving neat selvedges.

This simple, straightforward scarf uses 4 colors of 2/10 merino/Tencel. The warp has a main color and 2 accent colors, and the weft is another color altogether. You can weave variations of the scarf by swapping the function of the colors in subsequent warps and changing the weft color. To create a little accent, I made the first 2 and last 2 weft picks the same color as the Navy warp; however, that detail is up to the discretion of the weaver, as you could also weave the scarf using only the main weft color. You may find it helpful with this yarn to beat with an open shed and change to the next shed before moving the beater back.

For a polished look, be sure to twist the fringe and trim the ends below the knots after wet-finishing.

Happy Weaving!

Project at a Glance


EQUIPMENT: 4-shaft loom, 10″ weaving width; 10-dent reed; 1 shuttle; 2 bobbins.

YARNS: 2/10 Colrain Lace (50% merino/50% Tencel; 2,800 yd/lb; Valley Yarns; WEBS).

FINISHED SIZE: 7¾” x 66″ with 5″ fringe.

Featured Image: Pattie Graver’s Take It Easy scarf is the perfect project for when you want to relax at the loom and maybe work on some of the fundamentals.

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