Sustainable Cotton Tour

A while ago we wrote about the Sustainable Cotton Project, a program in California that is working with farmers to grow cotton with fewer toxic chemicals. If that article piqued your interest in learning more about the Sustainable Cotton Project firsthand, we have the event for you.


On Friday October 19, the Sustainable Cotton Project is hosting a one-day Cotton Farm Tour through the San Joaquin Valley. Participants will get to see the behind-the-scenes operations of the cotton industry.


Highlights of the tour include a walk through a field of colored (yes, cotton comes in more than just white!) cotton, a tour of a running cotton gin, and lunch in a local state park. The tour will also be visited throughout the day by cotton experts and professionals who will share their own experiences working in the cotton industry.


Space on the tour is limited, though, so it’s best to register early. Click here for more information on the tour and how to register. 

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