Call for Submissions: Handwoven May/June 2018 Issue

When I purchased my first loom, I was nervous that maybe I wouldn’t have enough ideas to keep it filled. I even spent a couple of sleepless nights worrying about it. But here I am, 20-plus years later, with a huge tub of handwoven samples, multiple notebooks with details from finished projects, and many notebooks and journals filled with ideas for future projects. It turns out that inspiration isn’t my problem.

My stumbling block is taking the step from inspiration to project design. I’ve sampled for some projects so much that I’m no longer being interested in the original idea. I’ve spent afternoons making color wrap after color wrap, only to get distracted by an interesting weave structure that begged to be woven in only one color. I have closets full of yarn that attest to the fact that projects I imagined in one yarn type or color weren’t what I ended up weaving. I probably have hundreds of drafts on my computer right now of ideas that I’ve thought about briefly but have never actually concentrated on. I could label those “someday.”

Handwoven’s May/June 2018 issue is dedicated to weaving inspiration. If like me, you have an abundance of inspiration, this issue is for you. The “official” description is below, but in addition to the nuts and bolts of your projects and articles, we want to hear how you moved from inspiration to project design and finally, to project completion. Did you get distracted along the way, and what happened then? Did you sample? Make color wraps? Draw, paint, or play with weaving software? As you think about your weaving inspiration, consider the following questions:

  • Many of us would say we are inspired by the colors in nature, but how do you translate those colors into an interesting piece of handwoven fabric?
  • I hope most of us are inspired by other people’s art. How do you hold on to that inspiration when you design your own unique pieces without copying another artist’s style?
  • Have you ever been inspired by something not all that inspiring to most people? I based a large wall hanging on the figure of a woman on the front of public bathroom doors; a friend of mine was inspired by the bench where she ate lunch every day. What mundane, ordinary thing has inspired you to weave something interesting? What project came out of that inspiration?

May/June 2018 Weaving Inspiration

Where do you go for design ideas? Do you weave from nature? Are you inspired by music or art? Does color get your creative juices flowing? In this issue, designing weavers will show us their inspirations, their process, and their cloth. See the Handwoven Submissions Guidelines for more details.

Submissions Deadlines:

Proposals for both projects and articles are due on 09/01/2017.
Projects are due on 10/26/2017.
Articles are due on 11/17/2017

Mail to:

Handwoven May/June 2018
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(800) 272-2193
Handwoven Magazine

Send me proposals for articles and projects that show what inspires you and how you use that inspiration in your weaving.

Weave well,

Here are some books that I use when I am looking for inspiration.

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