Studio Magic with Jennifer Moore

In my high school drama group, the moment before the curtain went up on opening night,  the cast waiting in the wings would give each other big hugs and whisper “It’s magic time!” Magic time is the moment when you walk into the lights and share with the world what you’ve been working on so hard for so long.

Well, it’s magic time again. Jennifer Moore’s new video Doubleweave Basics is now playing, and we can share with you the magic of doubleweave with no drama, just clarity and loads of inspiration. And since so many DVDs now have a “making of” feature, I thought I’d tell you a bit about how Interweave’s first weaving video came to be.


Intrepid videographer Rachel Link doing a light check
in the bare Interweave studio


The story started a year and a half ago, when Linda Ligon asked Jennifer Moore to write a book on doubleweave. After taking a deep breath at the thought of writing a book, Jennifer obliged, and the result was The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave, which will be released at Convergence. Well, when Linda saw this gripping narrative, she knew it had to become a movie. Jennifer was again persuaded, and work began on the script. Meantime, our Interweave video team began to brainstorm. What should the set look like? What would be the perfect camera angles to show doubleweave, up close and personal? How would we highlight the great tips that Jennifer gives? How would we provide all the information you need to create Jennifer’s sampler?

Finally, the big day arrived. The bare walls of the studio were transformed with yards of fabric, Jennifer’s stunning weavings, Linda’s loom, and items that Linda and Handwoven managing editor Pattie Graver brought from home. Everyone weighed in (dished, really) about Jennifer’s wardrobe. A picture of a big goofy yellow labrador retriever in sunglasses was displayed on the teleprompter to make “the talent” smile, and the filming began. Oh, no!!!! A change in temperature made the harnesses stick! The intrepid film crew ran down the street for beeswax and graphite and anything else we could think of to lubricate the tracks. The stubborn loom was finally persuaded to work, and filming went beautifully, despite a huge drill coming right through the studio ceiling from some construction upstairs. But good players and film crews take everything in stride, and ten long, but happy hours later, the filming was done and the months of editing and design began.


Jennifer Moore and the studio transformed

The making of Doubleweave Basics was a team effort to showcase Jennifer Moore’s amazing knowledge and teaching skills. (Click here for a preview.) We’ve included easy-to-navigate chapters so you can follow along at your own speed, pop-up notes to highlight technique tips, and downloadable instructions and drafts to keep with you as you weave. We hope that you’ll enjoy this DVD as much as we enjoyed making it. And if you’re coming to Convergence, we hope you’ll drop by the Interweave booth on Thursday afternoon, take a peak at the video, and say “hi” to Jennifer. it won’t be a red-carpet premier, but it will be fun.


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