Studio Dreams

  The small closet studio
  Even if you lack space, it's still
possible to get creative with 
the space you do have

There are many things to love about my current home: the electric blue 1950s-style stars on the kitchen counter, the hardwood floors in the bedroom, and the huge backyard. One thing my home doesn’t have is space.   


Learning this, it may come as some surprise that I have a studio. I didn’t even realize I had one until I was looking through the Spring issue of Studios magazine. The very first studio featured is that of painter Robert Burridge, and in it he says, “Wherever you paint, call that place your studio. Say it out loud—‘my studio.’” I read it, I thought about it, and I believe it to be true whether you are a painter, weaver, knitter, or what-have-you.


So now I have a studio. It is in my closet, where I store all of my supplies side by side with my shoes and clothes. It is the personal alcove I’ve carved on “my side” of the room where I often weave on the bed with on my little rigid-heddle loom. It’s even the kitchen table where I set up my sewing machine, warping board, and larger rigid-heddle loom when it’s not meal time. I have a studio; it’s just not all in one spot.


Shelley Gerber's Studio  
Shelley Gerber knows how to
use every inch of her studio 

I love my little studio space. I love weaving at the kitchen table in the morning over coffee, or in the living room where I can chat with my husband as we wind down after a long day. Every morning as I open my closet, I am greeted by my stash and it makes me smile. It has also taught me to be creative with my space and how I store and organize everything.


I was able to find some help with that in Shelley Gerber’s article about her small studio: a corner at the top of the stairs in her home. To say that she uses vertical space effectively would be an understatement. Nearly every inch of her wall, from floor to ceiling is used for storage.


One of Shelley’s main goals with the studio was to use almost entirely repurposed items; including a pair of old high heels screwed on the wall that now hold hammers. It’s hard not to look at the photos and feel inspired to hit the thrift store—I know I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of pumps to match my canvas storage drawers.

  The Gypsy caravan studio
  This fun caravan is actually
a portable studio 

I still hold out the hope that someday I will have an entire room to call my studio—or even a Gypsy caravan like bookmakers Peter and Donna Thomas. Until then I dream and scheme about what I will do with the space. I look through Studios and I make mental notes. When I visit artist friends I find inspiration in their spaces as well.


For now, however, I am content with my studio space, whether it’s my closet, my living room, or even the patio table. I am not limited by walls or rooms; my studio is wherever I weave.


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