Street Smart Scarf

In Sara Goldenberg’s Street Smart scarf, from Handwoven Loom Theory: Rigid-Heddle Scarf Collection, she combines color-and-weave with just a bit of pick-up to create a scarf that is thoroughly modern, completely classic, and wonderfully warm. Pair it with your everyday get-up, wear it to work, or use it as the perfect accessory for a fancy night out. Sara’s scarf is made from 100% New Zealand wool, so whenever you choose to wear it, you can be assured that it will be scrumptiously soft and wonderfully warm. What’s not to love about a scarf like that? Here’s what Sara had to say about her design.

Street Smart scarf

Sara Goldenberg’s Street Smart scarf is the perfect scarf for any occasion. PHOTO BY CALEB YOUNG (GOOD FOLK PHOTOGRAPHY)

Designer Sara Goldenberg’s Statement

With neutral colors and a geometric form that will go with almost anything, this scarf is meant for daily wear. Wool is a great fiber to keep out the chill of fall and winter days, and this scarf will do just that! Ashford’s Tekapo 100% New Zealand Wool comes in a variety of colors and weights. The solid colors pair well for color-and-weave projects that pop. The floats cause different color-and-weave patterns on the front and back—always a fun surprise!

Happy Weaving!

Project at a Glance

PROJECT TYPE: Rigid-heddle.

STRUCTURE: Plain weave with color-and-weave and pick-up.

EQUIPMENT: Rigid-heddle loom, 13″ weaving width; 8-dent heddle; 2 shuttles, 1 pick-up stick.

YARNS: Ashford Tekapo 8-ply (100% New Zealand Wool; 990 yd/lb; Ashford). Ashford Tekapo 12-ply (100% New Zealand Wool; 660 yd/lb; Ashford).

FINISHED SIZE (after washing): 10 ½” 76 ” with 4″ fringe.

Featured Image: Sara Goldenberg’s Street Smart scarf. PHOTO BY CALEB YOUNG (GOOD FOLK PHOTOGRAPHY)

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