The Stashbuster Five-Pack for 4-shaft Weaving Projects

I think most of us can agree that we might have enough yarn in our stashes to last us for the next fifty years. Periodically, I look at my own yarn stash and wonder how long it would last if I never bought another cone but used only what I already have. The thoughts immediately after that one: Should I put myself through that kind of misery? What would I do for retail therapy? Rather than using up your stash, just to use it, why not plan some projects to creatively use some of it and make room for some of the new yarns you are dreaming of in 2018? Enter the Stashbuster Five-Pack for 4-shaft Weaving Projects.

yarn stash

What yarns are you dreaming of? Photo credit: George Boe

For the Stashbuster Pack, I picked five yarns that I believe are in many weavers’ stash: 8/4 carpet warp, 8/2 cotton, Tencel, cottolin, and worsted-weight yarn. Then I looked for five 4-shaft patterns using those yarns that I felt could be beautifully woven in different colorways than as originally designed. Here are the five I chose and the yarns they are woven in:

  • Huck Lace and Tencel Scarf by Kristen Kelley—one color of Tencel for warp and weft
  • Elegant Gamp Lap Robe by Suzie Liles—two or more colors of worsted-weight wool for warp and weft
  • Ragtime Remix Placemats by Carol Reinhold—one or more colors of carpet warp for warp, cotton fabrics for weft
  • Finnish Lace Dinner Napkins by Gayle Pace—three colors of cottolin for warp and weft
  • Towels in a Modern Arrangement by Linda Gettmann—twelve colors of 8/2 cotton for the weft, two colors for the warp
yarn stash

Close up of one of the Towels in A Modern Arrangement. Photo credit: George Boe

With the pattern pack, we are offering downloadable WIFs to accompany each pattern, and additional tips for adapting the patterns to your own stash. For beginning weavers, trying these patterns and applying some of the tips will be a great first step in learning to design your own projects.

Love your yarn stash for the flexibility it gives you in planning new projects. I think 2018 is going to be the year for new projects and new ideas. Use the Stashbuster Five-Pack to make room for some new yarn.

Weave well,

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