Stash buster rug

See the progress here!

Pattern from The Big Book of Weaving

This was a VERY FAST project!!! The purpose was to use up some stash and clean out my closet!

Warp: old crochet yarn from thrift store. Sett 8 epi. I used 2 threads as 1 thread, even in the heddles.

I used worsted weight wool as the weft in blue and white. It used up about 4 balls of yarn. The rotation of treadling was confusing at first, but I made blue my base color and then did white after that. In the treadling, you use one yarn and then do the complete opposite. For example, you use blue with shafts 1-2-3 up. Then you use white with shafts 4-5-6 up. So, you just get your own pattern and it makes it very easy. I separated my pedals and had one set on the left and the other set on the right. Then, if I was on pedal 1 on the left with the blue, I used pedal 1 on the right just after it with the white. I always kept track of where I was with the blue, so I counted it in my mind after each blue: “pedal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6” or “6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” but my feet were really doing:

1Lblue-1R white

2Lblue-2R white

3Lblue-3R white

4R blue-1L white (Notice the change in R’s and L’s here.)

5R blue-2L white

6R blue-3L white

This rug is very slick on the tile floor, but with a nonslip mat it will be perfect!



It's a cat magnet!

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