Starry Sky Placemats Kit

We work hard to put projects in Handwoven that we love and that we think will coincide with the wide range of our readers’ interests, but we never really know ahead of time which projects will reach out and touch our readers. Well, based on a quite a few inquiries, it appears that the Starry Sky Placemats by Judit Ozoray hit the mark. After it appeared in the Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Handwoven, we used a photograph of the placemats to illustrate Madelyn van der Hoogt’s “Ask Madelyn” blog. This art decision gave the placemats more exposure and subsequently attention from some of you who for some unknown reason aren’t already subscribers to Handwoven. After we received queries about the “placemats in the picture,” we decided the placemats would make a great kit.

What we loved about the placemats wasn’t just the beautiful design, but the story behind them. Judit entered the placemats in our Celebrations contest in 2016 and told a compelling story about having designed and woven the Starry Sky Placemats as a way to stay closer to her family. Her daughters live far from her, but she is comforted by the fact that the starry sky she sees over her home is the same starry sky her loved ones see. The story is sweet but the weaving is sweet as well, in the more modern usage of “sweet.” Judit used a summer and winter threading but then switched up her treadling, and rather than changing the color of the pattern weft, changed the color of the tabby weft in strategic spots.

starry sky placemat

Starry Sky Placemats by Judit Ozoray

With the kit you will receive enough yarn to weave 7 placemats and Handwoven Sept/Oct 2016, digital issue. The magazine project draft is a profile draft, but in the kit we are also providing a downloadable full draft to help out anyone not familiar with profile drafts. It’s a great opportunity to compare a profile draft to a full draft to see how the two relate to each other. In addition, we are trying something new for those of you who already use or are interested in using weaving software and Weaving Information Files, otherwise known as WIFs. The downloadable WIF is a thread-by-thread draft, showing every end in the threading and every pick in the treadling. To help those of you who are unfamiliar with WIFs, we are including FAQs. It’s a wonderful weaving and learning opportunity. While weaving those awesome placemats, you’ll learn about WIFs, the three types of drafts, and alternate treadlings for summer and winter.

From our house to your house under the same starry sky.
Weave well,

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