Starry Night Shawl Kit: Make Your Own Elegant Ruffled Shawl

Ruffles seem to have universal appeal. A few years ago, several thousand knitters (including me) obsessed over the Potato Chip Scarf, primarily for its pretty drape that made a twirling ruffle. I knit 2 of them, 1 that I kept for myself and another for a friend. It was ruffley and a little girly, fun to make, and fun to wear. Handwoven designer Sara Goldenberg must like ruffles too because she dreamed up the lovely Starry Night Shawl. You’ll find this shawl available as a kit for weaving on a rigid-heddle loom. In addition to pretty ruffles, a little starry sparkle from a small amount of metallic thread in the warp adds to its charm.

I freely admit to loving lace and ruffles and believe it might be genetic. One of my favorite family legends involves ruffles and my oldest sister. During her 5th birthday party, ruffles stole the show. Although there were plenty of games to play, the little girls spent most of the afternoon twirling around to make their dresses fly up so their fancy slips would show. Maybe it dates me, but I love thinking about a time when girls wore dresses with petticoats underneath and patent-leather Mary Janes with white bobby socks to birthday parties. To further prove my point about genetics, many years later my niece Sarah (age 3 at the time) insisted on wearing her slip on the outside of her clothing, to show off the pretty lace at the bottom.

Starry Sky Shawl by Sara Goldenberg Photo Credit: Joe Hancock

Starry Sky Shawl by Sara Goldenberg Photo Credit: Joe Hancock

The Starry Night Shawl’s design is clever in the way it uses 2 lengths of fabric in coordinating variegated yarns. After weaving the main body of the shawl in a mock waffleweave with an interesting texture, you weave a thinner and longer trim fabric. Using a strong thread in the warp, you gather the thin trim piece and then sew it to the edges of the shawl’s body. The kit includes all of the yarn needed to weave the shawl plus the book Simple Woven Garments by Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick. The book includes rigid-heddle weaving tips and techniques plus 20 other projects. Check out the Starry Night Shawl kit today, but leave the twirling to the experts.

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