Spring Comes to Colorado

Spring is finally coming to Colorado. The days are getting slowly longer, crocuses are starting to pop up, and once every few days it’s actually warm enough to go outside without a jacket. (This, of course, doesn’t mean we won’t get a full foot of snow next week, but that’s the price we pay for wonderfully mild summers and sunny winters.)

  Baroque Napkins
  I'm thinking of weaving these Baroque
napkins in bright purples and blues.  
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Besides the warm weather, one of the reasons I love spring is for the inspiration it brings. If I need inspiration for a color palette, I often look to blooming flowers in the gardens and landscaping around my neighborhood. Now that the weather is warmer and it is light longer I can take my afternoon runs outside and spend my 3.1 miles thinking about project: structures, fibers, color combinations, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Perhaps best of all, I can finally weave outside again. I’ve enjoyed the winter evenings spend at my floor loom, weaving up a marathon of dish towels right before Christmas and warm woolen scarves to brighten up my winter wardrobe (and keep my neck safe from biting winter wind).

Now, I’m happy I can take my little rigid-heddle loom outside on nice days and weave by the slowly blooming flowers. The colors of my yarn seem so much brighter in the sunshine, and it feels so nice to have the sun warm my face as I change the shed and pass the shuttle through.

Rigid-Heddle Runner  
A springy rag-woven runner might be my 
next rigid-heddle project to weave outside.
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On days when it’s a bit too chilly or too windy to weave outside with my rigid-heddle loom, I sit by the window at my floor loom and weave with the colors of spring. We’re told here in Colorado that you can’t count on warm weather until Mother’s Day which this year is May 11, so in the meantime on the chilly, snowy days I will weave at my floor loom and plan rigid-heddle projects for the warmer days yet to come.

Fortunately on both fronts I have the newest issue of Handwoven as added inspiration. Right now I’m mulling over how Marilynn Cowgill’s Baroque Napkins would look with bright, springy wefts like the yarns found in Judy Ness’s colorful krokbragd rug. I’m also in love with the rigid-heddle rag weave table runner featured in our exclusive “Schacht Guide to the Rigid-Heddle Loom” insert. The insert has great tips and tricks for weaving with the rigid-heddle loom, and some fun projects. (If you want to get your hands on the insert, you can download it for free here.)

No matter what spring brings this year I’m prepared. I’ve got a 200 count of allergy medicine, a wardrobe filled with clothing that can be layered, and a warp on both my floor loom and my little rigid-heddle. Weather I’m weaving outside in the spring, or bringing a bit of spring inside to my loom, I will be happy. Happy and inspired. 

Christina Garton

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