Spring Awakening

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than the warm spring and summer sunshine. As soon as the weather shows an inkling of warming up I take advantage of every nice day, spending hours outside gardening, reading, and—of course—weaving.

  Yarn in Spring
  Spring flowers provide great color inspiration

As much as I love my 8-shaft loom and weaving on it, this time of year I long to be free of the compact fluorescent light that illuminates my studio space (a.k.a. a small corner of the living room) and to weave in beautiful, natural daylight where the colors of the yarn seem so much more vivid. There really is something so inspiring about spring; the colors, the smells, and the sounds are all so alive and joyous, it just makes me want to create something wonderful.

So, on nice days when the weeding and planting is done, I’ll grab my little rigid-heddle loom and go out into the sunlight and the warmth to leisurely weave. I usually weave in my backyard by the garden or under the big shade tree, although sometimes I will walk my little loom to the park near my home and weave at a picnic table or bench in a field of green.

Part of the reason I love to weave outside so much is that I don’t want to miss a moment of spring and summer. For example, we have a lovely lilac bush that is in full bloom for only about a week or two. During that short period of time the whole yard smells like heaven as bees buzz around the purple flowers.

So while it’s all in bloom, I’ll take my rigid-heddle loom and set it up on the patio table as close to the bush as I dare (so as not to disturb the bees) and weave. I smell the lilac and feel the warp and weft warmed from the sun. I listen to the birds chirp and the sound of the heddle as it sails through the warp with each pick. In these moments I sometimes think about the book Anne of Green Gables and Anne Shirley’s declaration of perfect happiness, and I know what she means.

Happiness is weaving wherever I want and not having to miss a moment of beautiful spring and summer before the snows of Colorado reclaim the backyard. Happiness is a warped loom in the sunshine.


Christina Garton

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