Spray-On Clothing

If you're one of those beautiful people who can wear jeans that look like they were painted on (or if you just admire the aesthetic), rejoice. Now there's clothing that's literally painted on. The brainchild of a Spanish fashion designer and a chemical engineer at London's Imperial College, the clothing is made by spray-painting a mixture of wool, linen, or acrylic fibers mixed with a polymer and a solvent directly onto the body. You can spray on as many layers as you want, mix colors at will, and when the solvent dries, voilà, you have a stretch garment that you can peel off and wear again and again. (But have a hot cup of something handy. Apparently the drying process is chilly on the skin.)


Whether or not spray-on clothing will make you hipper than Lady Gaga, as a PC World article speculates, the product has undeniable appeal from several standpoints. For crafters into surface embellishment, the chance to design with colors may be interesting, and maybe they'll someday offer mixes with sparkles and textures  Fashion possibilities abound, of course, and chemists are buzzing because of possible applications in the medical, transport, and chemical industries. The product is not yet available commercially, but until it is, aspiring aerosol artists can console themselves with Syne Mitchell's brilliant "extruded string weaving" technique.

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