Something new!

All of us at Handwoven are very excited about this new website. I am a little intimidated, though, because as many blogs as I've read, I've never actually written one. I am reminded of a commercial on TV where a family is all sitting on the porch with cell phones in their hands. The proud dad texts to the son, "I am sitting on the porch." The son says out loud with a bit of an edge: "I KNOW you're sitting on the porch." Writing a blog feels a little like saying I am sitting on the porch. So: I am sitting at my computer.

I hope I will have more interesting things to say than that! It is a thrilling notion that we will be able to be in touch in more immediate ways than ever before. We can share questions and concerns and discoveries right when they occur instead of waiting two months for an issue of Handwoven. You might be more willing to let us know what you are weaving, too, so that we can show your work in Handwoven. Together, we can work to welcome more weavers to the craft we all love so much.

In addition to sitting at my computer, I happen to be working on a talk I'm going to give this weekend (which means it's a good idea for me to working on it) to the Weavers and Spinners of Ontario North. My topic is Why Weave? As I've thought about this, I have been overwhelmed with reasons (more reasons now than ever before), but I wish there were time for me to ask you your reasons so I could take them with me, too. When I get back, I'll tell you what I said and ask you why you weave.

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