Snowman Ornaments

I wove the Snowman from Handwoven's book called Deck the Halls.  The pattern was very condensed and complicated, but with some time I was able to pick it apart.  Also, I had to use a treadle reducer because I only had 10 treadles on my loom, but I really needed 11 so I had to substitute and make a chart to follow during weaving.  It took a little enjoyment out of it, but overall I had a fun time!

I made 6 snowman across, and wove that for 17 rows, so I made 102 snowmen ornaments to give to family and friends. 

Then in the end I made a handtowel with snowmen on the bottom.


To make the ornaments, I serged around all the edges with some cotton batting and a cotton backing.


They looked really cute on the tree this year, and my friends and family really enjoyed them!


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