Snowflake Twill: The Winteriest Weave

One of our favorite wintery weaves, here at BeWeave It headquarters is definitely snowflake twill. These beautiful twill patterns are always stunners—the sort of drafts that make non-weavers and weavers alike ooh
and ah over the results. And really, there are few things lovelier than watching delicate snowflakes appear on your cloth as you happily weave in a warm studio on a chilly December day. While one of the most well-known drafts is called the “Swedish Snowflake,” according to Jane A. Evans in her book A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving, snowflake twill can trace its roots back to traditional Latvian patterns. Of course, weavers the world around have fallen in love with this delicate weave, and not only are there Swedish Snowflakes but also Canadian and American Snowflakes as well (and for all you 4-shaft weavers, the Canadian Snowflake pattern, but the wonderful Laura Fry, is a 4-shaft pattern just as lovely as any 8-shaft snowflake twill out there). If you’re looking
for a beautiful twill pattern tow eave this winter, for 4-shafts on up, consider looking into snowflake twills! (And if any of you amazing rigid-heddle weavers out there have found a way to weave snowflakes on your rigid-heddle loom, we’d love to hear about it at!)

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