Snowboarding Style

So far during this winter Olympics, the U.S. team has picked up two gold medals in snowboarding. While we here at BeWeave It headquarters have been amazed at what our talented athletes have managed to do in the snow, we’re equally enamored by the Americana-inspired uniforms.

Designed by Burton Snowboards, the snowboarders’ uniforms were inspired by an antique quilt and a vintage American flag. The quilt, which was found at an antique fair, was sent to a veteran Vermont quilt maker who deconstructed and re-constructed it to work out exactly how it was made. Burton then printed exact replicas of both the quilt and the flag onto the fabric used for the jackets. The result is a wonderful tribute to American textile traditions that looks hand-stiched out of the cotton quilt itself, but in reality is made of a high-tech fabric that is warm and waterproof.

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