Siblings in Fiber: 11 Sisters and Brothers in My Fiber Family

Today is Sisters Day which made me start thinking about who I consider my fiber family. Just like any family, the weaving and spinning family is made up of all sorts of personalities and types. Here are some of my siblings in fiber that come to mind.

1. Loves everything I do. Well, actually, is extremely enthusiastic about what everyone does. I worry sometimes that they don’t see how wonderful their own work is.

2. Likes to talk about weaving and spinning but rarely picks up a shuttle or sits at their wheel. I totally get this. Life interferes, health interferes, and sometimes you just don’t have the time, heart, energy, or patience to weave, knit, or spin. Just don’t let the conversation lag.

3. Spins, weaves, and knits far better than anyone around but doesn’t realize it. There’s no sense in telling them; they won’t believe you.

4. Enjoys the process far more than the product. I don’t believe this is uncommon because sometimes the final product can feel like a letdown; like the day after your birthday or a special holiday.

5. Loves anything even slightly related to the fiber arts and wants to try it all. Their array of projects and interests can be dizzying.

6. Wins at show and tell. I am always amazed at how productive some people can be in a month’s time. I show up with 1 scarf, and they have 4 scarves, and six skeins of handspun, plus they learned how to crochet that month and made an afghan.

Woman in garden GettyImages-610131510 cropped  Author:  pixelfit; Young woman in garden   Copyright: Petar Chernaev

Young woman in garden Copyright: Petar Chernaev. Getty Images.

7. Has other passions: music, bird watching, gardening, cooking, pole dancing, quilting, genealogy, woodworking, hula hooping, traveling, opera, ballet. Consider this a partial list. My guild once had a fun program when everyone came and talked about their non-fiber related passions; it was fascinating to see other sides of members.

8. Thirsts for knowledge. Many spinners and weavers I’ve known feel like they need to make up for the lost time they spent on earth before they knew they loved fiber.

9. Volunteers. Not everyone is willing to give time to help a guild run smoothly, and I am always grateful to the people who step up and take on positions and projects.

10. Dyes all their fiber. I wish this were me, but in reality, I love being able to buy beautifully colored yarns. However, I do love seeing the beautiful colors they create.

Yarn balls GettyImages-617770546 cropped  Author:  cicloco   Caption: Natural dye on balls of wool

Natural dye on balls of wool, andean inca natural colors.
Getty Images.

11. Cares about others. They knit for charity and teach others how to knit, spin, or weave. They demonstrate their craft at the county fair in the barn with the cows, no matter how bad the smell, and they donate yarn and equipment to the guild or to other organizations.
Writing this made me wonder where I fit in my own list. Where do you fit, and who do you recognize?

Let me know.

Weave well,

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