Show Some Skein


Ruth Ronan turns handpainted skeins to painted warp.



Are you a chaste conehead, cleaving to your spools of 10/2 cotton, 16/2 linen, and 12/2 wool? If so, I must warn you, as a friend, that the September/October issue of Handwoven may tempt you to kick over the traces and consort with skeins. Just sayin'.

This issue is all about trying out new yarns, flamboyant yarns, yarns that offer tactile pleasures you may never have imagined! (Chacun à son goût , as bon vivant Julia Childs used to say.) There are projects with paper yarn, yak and alpaca, and other fibers from the wild side. There are, dare I say it, kinky yarns, active and elastic, and a guide to using them. There are ruffles created by differential shrinkage, and a special article on how to turn hand-painted skeins of yarn into a painted warp. Plus five rigid heddle projects full of simple but sophisticated delights.




To enable you in these hedonistic pursuits, there's a special pullout you can keep by your loom or take to the yarn store help you figure setts and make yarn substitutions with skeined and fancy yarns. And a Swatch Collection by Sharon Alderman will show you the titillating possibilities of Harrisville Designs' new yarn colors. And if this isn't enough indulgence for you, articles on the joys of Umbria, Italy, and on weaving-in-residence offer plenty of fodder for your weaving fantasies.

It's heady stuff, and skein exposure may become habit-forming. So open this next issue at your own peril, and don't say I didn't warn you.



Sandra doak's peek-a-boo paper runner.


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