Shake, Raddle, and Roll

Things have been too peaceful lately over at Handwoven, so Madelyn just had to stir things up. "It's a touchy issue," we said. "No good can come of this," we opined.  But she would have none of it, so here she is to tell you about a contest that's sure to evoke some passion among weavers of every warping persuasion.

Sitting comfortably while sleying:
one of the pleasures of front-to-back

The wrong approach to warping  

One time, we held a Warping War in my guild. Two identical looms were brought in. The same specs were given to two teams, a back-to-front team and a front-to-back team. The warp had to have so many ends, be so long, contain two colors in a specified order in certain yarns. There were a few rules: Only one person could be working at a time (whether sleying the reed, winding the warp, threading the heddles, turning the beam). The audience could cheer, but not help or shout advice. The winning team was the one that finished first with the most perfectly warped loom.

Needless to say, the attendance at this meeting was record-breaking, kind of like it would be for sports fans if their team were in the Super Bowl. Weavers are passionate about their chosen warping methods. While we often SAY, "Oh, really, whatever works for you is fine," whenever someone gives a reason in support of a method, we can’t stand by quietly. Our families, overhearing an argument about warping, lift their eyebrows in wonder. How could anyone feel so strongly about using or not using a raddle? What is a raddle, anyway?

So, we often avoid the subject when we get together, the way other people might avoid talking about religion or politics. That’s why I don’t even know the warping methods of choice of my fellow editors. There we all are, warping away in secrecy so no one sees or knows the messes we make. We decided it is time to talk about The Best Way to Warp.

  Huck prefers back-to-front: he pulls warp out of the heddles first, then the reed

So here’s what we’re doing. We are having a contest at Come there and write your end to one of the following sentences: Warping back to front is best because…. Or….. Warping front to back is best because….  Each of us (Linda Ligon, Anita Osterhaug, Pattie Graver, and Madelyn) will pick the reason she finds Most Compelling. (In the case of duplicate reasons, the one submitted first wins.) We'll also choose winners for the Most Creative reason and the reason with the Most Attitude (you can decide what that means).  The winners will each receive an Interweave weaving eBook or DVD of their choice.

All you have to do is come to and give your reason! You’ll also be able to read everyone else’s reasons (so you’d better come quick and be first with the best). You can submit more than one.




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