September/October 2010

September/October 2010
On Newsstands August 24, 2010

A Line of Embellished Scarves


Volume XXXI, Number 4


Pleats Galore with Elastic Yarn. See page 52.


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FiberHearts 2010
Guild Awards for Outreach

Splash! Jacket in Knitting Yarns
By Judith Shangold

Cool Waters Table Runner
By Sandra Doak

Pearl Cotton: the Go-To Yarn
By Mary Berent

A Guide to Designing for Weaving with a New yarn
By Marilyn Murphy

Turning a Handpainted Skein of Yarn into a Painted Warp
Pillows by Anita Thompson By Ruth B. Ronan

Swatch Collection #39: A New Palette!
By Sharon Alderman

A Cushy Alpaca Pillow for a First Project in Knitting Yarns
By Leslie Ann Bestor

Cashmere/Silk and Bamboo Shawl
By Carry Wilcox

Four Seasons Doubleweave Scarf
By Rebecca Fox

Pleats Galore with Elastic Yarn
By Giovanna Imperia 

Doublewoven Tunic and Scarf Collar on a Rigid-Heddle Loom
By Nancy McRay

Summer and Winter Polychrome – a Yarn's Best Friend
By Yvonne Stahl and Helen McKee

WEAVE TO SELL A Line of Embellished Scarves
By Sarah Jackson

Stadium Blanket in a Soft Worsted-Weight Merino Yarn
By Diane Ayers

What's Hot in Yarn

Cool Waters Table Runner
Page 32


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