Seeing the Light

When we think of the weaving equipment we need to create cloth, we probably think of looms, shuttles, and yarn. Some of us might also think of temples, hooks, and other such goodies, but most of us probably don’t think about light. For those of us living in America and in many other countries, electricity and electric lights are something to be taken for granted.

Weavers in some areas of India, however are not so lucky. They live in areas and homes where electricity is not available, and when it is available it is not terribly reliable in the dark evenings and nights. Fortunately, the Textile and Handlooms Department in the Indian state of Odisha is working to bring light to the weavers by giving them solar lanterns. The department plans on giving out around 10,000 of these lanterns to weavers by the end of the year.

These simple little lanterns will allow weavers to create cloth even when it is dark outside without resorting to kerosene or paraffin lanterns that require fuel and don’t produce quality light. For those people whose livelihood depends on the cloth they produce, increasing the number of hours a day they can effectively weave can make a big difference in their incomes.

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