Saving the Weavers

As hard as I try not to overlook things in my job, sometimes it happens, and a great story doesn't get told. I'm so glad that is not the case with the documentary Saving the Weavers.  

Saving the Weavers is an inspiring story of seven Guatemalan fair trade organizations that have developed plans to help Maya women use their weaving skills to support themselves and their families after thirty-six years (1960  to 1996) of civil war. Surviving women, many with children, were left with no means to support their families. If you've ever asked "how can I make a difference" please allow yourself to be motivated by the work of these individuals who organized assistance programs for Guatemalan women.  As much as I want to call them extraordinary, I think it more of an honor to allow their work to assist us in acknowledging our own abilities to help others. Maybe we just need to take the first step, and then the second, the next, and …

The groups featured in this film include: Mayan Hands, Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas, Colibri, Casa del Tejido Antiguo, Cojolya, Maya Color and Moonflower Enterprises, and Codearteco

Please consider purchasing this documentary by visiting the Endangered Threads website at Some of the proceeds support scholarships for Maya children.

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