Sarongs are Swell

Dorothy Lamour in a Sarong
"Sarong Girl" Dorothy Lamour
in Road to Bali.

Spring is in full swing (at least here at BeWeave It Headquarters in Colorado) and summer isn’t too far behind. As the weather warms up and the pools around town start to open it means it’s time to break out the ol’ sarong. In honor of these lovely cover-ups and summer accessories, this BeWeave It is dedicated to the sarong.

While images of Dorothy Lamour in Road to Bali or other glamorous women might come to mind with the mention of sarongs, in many countries sarongs are traditionally worn by both men and women, and in some countries it is considered a male garment. 

Sarongs are large tubes of fabric or a length of fabric typically worn by wrapping it around the waist. These versatile garments are worn throughout South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Horn of Africa, and on various Pacific islands. They can have simple checkered designs or elaborate ikat and batik created designs.  

In the 1940s and 1950s Hollywood films set in the South Pacific often featured actresses wearing sarongs, including the already mentioned Dorothy Lamour who wore sarongs so often in films she was nicknamed “The Sarong Girl” by the press. Today sarongs are often worn by women in North America as a colorful and light cover-up for bathing suits or a light skirt for a hot summer’s day.

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