Running on Hemp

We here at BeWeave It headquarters never thought in our wildest ideas that hemp could basically become a super powerful, one-shot battery. (Usually those dreams involve dancing chicken zombies.) But of course, scientists will always prove us wrong. With the trend of reusing waste materials, scientists have found that waste hemp (hemp not used in the processing of hemp fibers) is the perfect substance for super capacitors.

We know. What the heck is a supercapacitor? Apparently, they give out sharp bursts of energy. They have been used in plenty of things, but one most people could know is in electric cars for braking. Exceptionally strong, conductive, and flexible, and containing no THC (the active ingredient in marijuana, if you will) waste hemp is being considered a “miracle material.” Hemp is currently being produced large quantities in China and Canada, and it costs a fraction of the cost of graphene supercapacitors. New companies are getting into this industry, marketing to the oil and gas industry where high temperature energy is mandatory.

Hemp now has a new face. Though it makes a very strong and durable fiber for weaving and other fiber fun, it can also be used to help power the technology around us.

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