Rug Raffle for a Good Cause

GoodWeave Collage

Custom Cool Carp Carpet

For the third year in a row, Custom Cool is raffling off one of its elegant custom rugs to one lucky person, with all proceeds going to GoodWeave, an organization devoted to ending child labor and exploitation in the rug industries of Nepal, India, and Afghanistan. Since its founding in 1994, GoodWeave has reduced the number of “carpet kids” by 75%.


GoodWeave has done this by providing these children with sponsored education and other opportunities including vocational training, and by providing daycare, early childhood education, and school sponsorship for children of adult weavers. They’ve provided around 11,000 children with schooling and other services over the past 19 years.

You can help children, too, and have a chance to win a GoodWeave certified rug by buying raffle tickets here or by calling GoodWeave at (202) 234-9050. The winner will be able to choose any rug in the Custom Cool collection. These 8’ x 10’ rugs are a mixture of silk, wool, nettle, and hemp and are valued at $8,500.


For more information on GoodWeave, how to find GoodWeave certified rugs, and other ways to donate (as well as stories of the carpet kids whose lives have been transformed) check out the GoodWeave website


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