Ruffles and Pleats


Pleats and ruffles give handwovens not only texture, but also a touch of elegance and intrigue. They can transform an otherwise ordinary piece into something extraordinary.

In her new exhibit at the Room Art Gallery in Mill Valley, California, Peggy Osterkamp explores the form and the art of the ruffle, along with a selection of other artistic weavings. Peggy is probably best known to most weavers for decades of dedicated teaching and her terrific and practical educational resources on weaving, this exhibit shows Peggy's artistic side.

One of the show-stopping pieces featured in the exhibit, which runs until the end of January, is “Ruffles.” Made up of four finely woven ruffled tubes hung from the ceiling, “Ruffles” seems to be floating through the air like wisps of smoke. (You can see pictures here on Peggy's blog.) Also included in the exhibit are smaller, delicate sheer ruffled and pleated pieces displayed in shadow boxes hung on the wall.

If this talk of ruffles leaves you wanting to make your own, Peggy has a wonderful instructional video on how she turns her handwoven tubes into ruffled works of art.

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