Royal Wardrobe Secrets

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee last week, this BeWeave It is dedicated to her fashion secrets. Did you ever wonder why her clothing looks so perfectly pressed, even after she’s been out and about all day? According to Stewart Parvin, the queen’s dressmaker, there are a few tricks to her wardrobe.

Firstly, wrinkle resistant fabrics and linings are combined to keep the queen’s clothing looking perfectly pressed at all times. There bottom of her skirts are also weighted to keep everything flat–and to help prevent any “wardrobe malfunctions.” All of her shoes are pre-broken in for her by a servant with the same size feet and by the time they get to the queen they are comfortable. While this may seem like the ultimate in royal privilege, there’s a practical reason. The queen is often required to stand and walk around for hours when in public, and worn-in shoes let her do so for longer and without complaint.

Her Majesty also has extra-generous armholes in her coats and jackets so she can wave comfortably for long periods without chaffing. But of course, one of her fashion secrets is all her own. Queens apparently do not sweat, they "glow," but according to Parvin, Queen Elizabeth does not “glow,” and that bit of biology helps keep all her royal outfits looking perfect at all times.  

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