Table Runner (Happy accident)

Weaving a rigid heddle table runner requires you to be flexible about making mistakes, as was the weaver of this handwoven runner.

It started out as a table runner with a “houndstooth” pattern on a rigid heddle.

Well…let’s just say my runner has a bark but no bite, so to say.

I was using a 7.5 heddle double threaded. Warping and threading the loom was good, but some where around the tying off is where it all went wrong.

Any how instead of crying over it, I doubled the thread (1 each colour) on the shuttle, and the rest is history.

My wife liked it and put it on the coffee table in the living room for all to see. Actually I got really good comments, and strangely enough I like it as well.


Fabric & Materials
Rigid heddle loom

Pattern Name/Number
Rigid Heddle Table Runner


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