Weave Along with Liz Gipson

One of our contributors, the wonderful Liz Gipson, recently lived a weaving instructor’s nightmare: a number of her sample projects got lost in shipping. Apparently the train carrying her projects derailed (no injuries). The box the projects were shipped in experienced enough damage that a number of projects jumped ship. We’re very sad for Liz and her poor scattered projects, but her loss does provide you with a unique opportunity!

Liz will have to reweave her sample projects, starting with the gorgeous rigid heddle doubleweave throw from Double Your Fun, her video on doubleweave for rigid heddle. She invites you to weave this rigid heddle pattern along with her! The weave-along starts September 1st and runs through the month of September. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn how to warp and weave with two heddles if you haven’t done it before (that’s me). Of course, if you’re already an experienced doubleweaver, the rest of us would greatly appreciate your expertise!

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to weave a rigid heddle pattern along with a master weaver, and learn to weave doubleweave on a rigid heddle!

The doublewide throw on the left is the rigid heddle pattern you’ll be weaving along with Liz if you decide to participate in the doubleweave weave-along! Grab a copy of her video Double Your Fun for complete instructions, and you’ll also learn how to weave doubleweave pockets, as in the project on the right.

Doubleweave is one of the best reasons to use two heddles on a rigid-heddle loom, and Liz is the perfect instructor. In Double Your Fun, you’ll learn how to warp with two heddles, how to manage your pick-up sticks, and how to troubleshoot any issues you run into as you’re weaving. Most importantly for doubleweave, you’ll learn how to perfect your selvedges so you end up with a smooth fold in the doublewide blanket. This is a common problem when weaving doubleweave, whether on a rigid-heddle loom or a shaft loom!

This is just one rigid heddle pattern you'll learn to weave in Double Your Fun.

Pillow woven with doubleweave on a rigid-heddle loom. Learn how in Double Your Fun!

In the video, you’ll also learn how to weave tubes with the bottom and both sides closed. It’s perfect for making no-sew pockets, bags, and pillows. You’ll also be able to create cloth with interchanging pattern layers and side-by-side color blocks. These techniques open up a whole new world of weaving design.

Reading instructions for doubleweave on a rigid-heddle doesn’t quite cut it, especially if you’re visually-oriented like me. Let Liz show you how it’s done, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to ask questions, stay accountable, and socialize with other weavers working on the same project—including Liz Gipson herself! All participants in the weave-along will be invited to a special Facebook group. There will also be a chat thread in the Yarnworker Ravelry group. Liz will check in on both groups daily to cheer you on and answer your questions.

Weave-Along Schedule:

Phase 1: September 1-8: Get Warped!
Phase 2: September 9-22: Weave!
Phase 3: September 23-29: Finish Strong!
Phase 4: September 30: Show Off Your Finished Throw!

How to Participate:

1. Order your Double Your Fun DVD or download the video to get the rigid heddle pattern for the specific throw Liz will be weaving.
2. If you don’t want to weave the exact throw Liz is weaving, that’s totally fine! Weave any doublewidth throw on your rigid-heddle to participate.
3. Email Liz at worker@yarnworker.com with the following subject line: Double My Fun. Liz will then add you to the weave-along Facebook group, which will open August 25th.
4. Get your loom and yarn all ready for the weave-along, starting September 1.
5. Share your progress using the hashtag #doubleweavefun

Did I mention there will also be prizes? During each phase of the weave-along, there will be a drawing prize drawing to Facebook group participants. In addition, she will give out a few bonus prizes on the 30th to those who post their finished throw with the hashtag #doubleweavefun!

So don’t delay—grab your copy of Double Your Fun and start your preparations!


P.S. Learn more about the weave-along on Liz’s blog!

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