Rigid-Heddle Loom Resources

We’ve got lots of great tutorials and how-tos for rigid-heddle weaving,  but if you’re looking for a specific resource they can be sometimes hard to find. This page has links to our top pieces on weaving with a rigid-heddle loom from how to weave, how to troubleshoot, as well as finishing. We’ll update the page with new links as we put new resources up on the website. Bookmark or pin this page on Pinterest so you can easily access all these helpful resources for rigid-heddle weaving.

Warping and Weaving

Indirect Warping with Two Heddles

How to switch back and forth between weft colors at the selvedges

Learning about color through sampling

How to weave Danish medallions on a rigid-heddle loom


How to Fix a Broken Warp Thread on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

How to know if you’re beating weft too hard (and how to fix it)

Avoiding draw-in


Instructions for  finishing techniques--includes information on how to do twisted fringe, how to hemstitch, as well as instructions for double (Italian), ladder, and zigzag hemstitching.

Helpful Resources

Master Yarn Chart–this chart tells you how to sett different yarns. For rigid-heddle looms you’ll want to use the middle number for basic plain weave. Remember, these are suggestions and all weavers and looms are different, so feel free to sample and do what looks and feels right to you.

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