The Quest for a Handwoven Home

As a weaver, I believe it is only proper that I have at least one handwoven item in every room of my house. How else to convince the non-weaving world of the wonders of weaving, and how else to satisfy my weaving soul? My friends have come to expect me to have handwoven blankets, pillows, and rugs. They have even remarked on my plethora of handwoven towels in every shape and size.

Turns out I’m not alone in my quest for a handwoven home. Liz Gipson of rigid-heddle fame is right there with me. Her latest book, Handwoven Home, is all about her quest to fill her new home with handwoven items. I have to say Liz takes it several steps, maybe even many steps, further than I do. She doesn’t just strive to have one handwoven item in every room, she fills the rooms with them. Dining room projects include hot pads, napkins, placemats, and table runners; in the bathroom, she has facecloths, rugs, and towels; the living room features pillows, runners, mug rugs, and a blanket. She even wove curtains for her kitchen, which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for more than a decade. She wove the curtains and everything else in this book on a rigid-heddle loom. From plain weave to pick-up to doubleweave, twill, and beyond, Liz shows you how it’s done on the rigid-heddle loom. Her knowledge is impressive and inspiring.

Hand Woven Home: The Tweed and Twill Pillow Cover with Eskimo Joined seams and staggered bound warp fringe.

The Tweed and Twill Pillow Cover with Eskimo Joined seams and staggered bound warp fringe.

What’s also impressive and inspiring is Liz’s attention to detail on every project. Sometimes I have a tendency to take the easy way out when finishing items, but Liz takes her time and hemstitches on the loom, handstitches hems off the loom, braids fringe, and adds other finishes and embellishments that make her projects even more special. I especially like the Twill and Tweed Pillow Cover that combines Eskimo Join, which highlights the seams rather than hiding them, and a staggered bound warp fringe. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished rigid-heddle weaver, Handwoven Home offers ideas, techniques, and other bits of weaving know-how you don’t want to miss.

Weave well,

If you too want a home filled with handwoven items, get Handwoven Home and get started!


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