Profile Draft for Handwoven’s Weave-Along

This two-block design is from Mary Meigs Atwater’s Shuttle-Craft Book of American Handweaving. The possibilities for four shaft weavers include designs in summer and winter, Atwater-Bronson lace, overshot, warp rep, taquete’, and crackle. Those with eight shafts can use doubleweave, various extensions of tied unit weaves, turned twill, huck lace, and more. If you have ten, twelve, or sixteen shafts, you can weave the design in different variations of damask, and more.

You can make adjustments to the design or its proportions to fit your requirements as long as you maintain its basic look.

The Weave-Along will end on August 1. Please post your finished pieces to the Weave-Along gallery.


  1. Judith W at 8:27 pm February 12, 2017

    In the November/December 2011 Handwoven, it was written that more profile drafts for the Weave-along would be posted in the Weave-along gallery and blog. I have only been able to find one profile draft related to the Weave-along, the original, and I would like to know where the others are that were referenced in the magazine. Thank you

    • Tamara Schmiege at 12:42 pm February 13, 2017

      I apologize; that content may have been lost in our recent website migration (December 2016). Please let us know if we can help locate any specific weaving patterns for you. We are happy to help.

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