Princely Olympic Fashion

In the second installment of our BeWeave It series on Olympic textiles, we’re focusing on the incredible ski slope fashion of Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe. Yes, that’s right. Hohenlohe is an actual German prince, although he will be skiing for his homeland of Mexico.

Hohenlohe was born in Mexico and then moved to Spain when he was four. Eventually he went back to his homeland and in1981 he founded the Mexican Ski Federation and has since qualified to ski in four Olympics, including the upcoming one in Sochi. Each time he’s competed, Hohenlohe has been the only member of the Mexican Olympic team.

The reason he’s here in BeWeave It, though, is his undeniable fashion sense. While Hohenlohe has said he doesn’t believe he’ll win any medals, he’s certainly going to turn heads on the slopes with his custom made mariachi ski suit, which you can see in all its glory here.

The speed suit is printed to look like a traditional mariachi costume complete with black bolero, red cummerbund, and white faux-embroidery all around it. This isn’t the first time Hohenlohe has made waves for his Olympic fashion. In 2010 he skied in a combination Aztec-bandito outfit (seen here), complete with screen-printed gun holsters, which you can see here. So while Hohenlohe might not take home any medals for his skiing, he's certainly tops in our book for Olympic fashion. 

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