Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES

Halloween is coming up, and if there’s one thing we here at BeWeave It love it’s having an excuse to wear a costume to work. If you’re still trying to think of a costume that will be suitably scary and original, have we got an idea for you. While looking at the latest and greatest issue of Jane Austen knits, we had the brilliant idea to bring to life the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for Halloween. 

Of course, we couldn’t suggest this to you before taking a test run ourselves, could we? First, we raided the projects from Jane Austen Knits 2014 for our costuming. Next, BeWeave It intern Lauren used her makeup skills to make us look like zombies. You can see the terrifying results below as Christina and Lauren do their best zombie.

Zombie Lauren and Zombie Christina doing their best terrifying and not at all ridiculous zombie faces

Want to build your own Pride and Prejudice and Zombies costume? It's easy. First, you need the base layer. This can be fairly simple for ladies because we’re going to cover the top with a shawl. For example a nightgown tied at the bust to make it look Regency era would work just fine. Lauren opted for the Highbury Top from Jane Austen Knits while Christina forgot she was supposed to be a zombie and wore a hot pink dress. If you’re a gent, this is even easier. A white button up with a jacket or perhaps a nice sweater vest combined with slacks. Next, ladies will want to top the base layer with an elegant shawl. Lauren wore A Shawl for Emma while Christina opted for the Fitzwilliam’s Gift shawl. We might be zombies but we are classy zombies. As an optional touch, you can add a bonnet. Christina wore Susan’s Bonnet while Lauren opted out.

Last, you need to do the makeup. Here's what Lauren suggests for developing your perfect Zombie:


"Since no one has ever seen a real zombie (as far as I know), you can make your zombie look anyway you want. Was your zombie killed or did they get a disease? Have they been dead for long or are they “fresh”? Think through your zombie and make it unique to you. However, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from shows and movies. If you like the Walking Dead, try to recreate a zombie from that show.

Try to create bruises around the eyes. Depending on how dead you want your zombie to be, try to use yellow, then red, then purple, and a bit of black Work these colors from farthest to closest to your eye in rings.

Don’t be scared to get a little fancy. Liquid latex is cheap way of adding wounds and bullet holes. There are plenty tutorial videos online to use liquid latex. Just make sure you know how to remove it before you put it on.

And the most important rule of making zombies: Add, never subtract. There is no such thing as too much makeup. Just try to incorporate what you think you did wrong in a different way. If you accidently get red where you weren’t supposed to, create a bleeding cut. If you put yellow too high on the forehead, put it all over and make the zombie look jaundiced. There is no wrong way of making zombies."


The result was equal parts dignified and terrifying, just as a regency era zombie should be. So pick up your knitting needles (or if you're like me, bribe a knitting friend with some handwovens) and create your own fancy zombie costume today!

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