Must-Try, Potholder Pattern Wizard from Harrisville Designs

If you, or a young one, happens to have a potholder loom and some loops lying around, consider checking out Harrisville Designs' new, and completely free, Potholder Pattern Wizard. It works similarly to other weaving software: you input warp and weft colors and a drawdown is produced; the main difference being that there’s no tie up or treadling to enter. You can design your own weaving patterns or choose from a number of pre-programmed color-and-weave patterns including houndstooth, stripes, and log cabin, which is simply called "weave in this program. You can swap the warp and weft colors with the click of a button and then save the patterns for later. Don’t have a potholder loom? Don't worry! These plain-weave patterns can also be translated to work on a rigid-heddle or even a floor loom. Just be aware, it’s very addicting!

Potholder Pattern Wizard from Harrisville Designs.

Example of the Potholder Pattern Wizard from Harrisville Designs.

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