Postcards from Convergence

Liz Moncrief and her Randall Darwall scarf

I save postcards sent home from vacation trips. They're displayed on the refrigerator for months, then they become bookmarks, and eventually they find their way into some little cache of pictures and letters.   Years later I run across them, reread impressions of those cherished moments, and instantly I'm back there, experiencing it all over again.



I know how hard it is to come back to day-to-day life after a fabulous weaverly vacation, So for those of you who came to Convergence, and those of you who didn't but might want to share in the ambience, we recorded a few video postcards from folks who visited the Interweave booth at the show. You can see many of the Not Just for Sock winners in the background, hear the weavers laughing, and if you listen closely, you can hear the gently chimes of the heddles and the rhythm of the beaters as folks weave in the booths around us.

So visit Convergence with us as Jennifer Moore answers the vital weaving question, "How did she tie that scarf?" Then Liz Moncrief reviews the technique with a lovely purchase from Randall Darwall. (Pay attention. There will be a short quiz in an upcoming issue.) 

Betty Davenport and friend Don Pippenger

Wish we could have rolled out the red carpet at our booth, because weaving notables were there in plenty. Rigid heddle maven and mentor Betty Davenport visits with one of her students and admirers, Liz Gipson dropped by to give us her impressions of the fashion show, and Not Just for Socks winner John Mullarkey stopped in to express his affection for the Weave-It. (And, yes, he wove that jacket. What a talented guy!)  Some of the vendors got in on the action, too. The friendly ranchers from Bijou Basin had a brief "yak" with us (sorry, I couldn't resist), and the nice gal from Kasuri Silks next door wanted to say high and show you her lovely things. Finally, some fun gals from Peoria stopped in to say "hi" to friends at home and brag, just a bit, about their stash conquests. And if you don't believe them, check out this video of Dawn from Wyoming doing kumihimo. First watch Dawn, then watch the weavers in the background. Those ladies are doing some power shopping! 

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